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200 years of Thonet, 200 years of design icons

The world famous company has produced classics throughout its uniquely long history. Pieces of Thonet furniture, always created while keeping a finger on the pulse of the relevant era, are companions that exemplify enduring value and cultural history for people throughout the world. The history of the Frankenberg based company is filled with milestones and pioneering innovations in materials, design and production technology. Michael Thonet first succeeded in bending solid wood in the 19th century: The legendary Vienna Coffee House Chair marked the transition from manual craftsmanship to serial production – and Thonet wrote industrial history with it. In the 20th century, the Bauhaus teachers Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe experimented with cold-bent tubular steel, invented the cantilever chair, and always had Thonet, a producer with plenty of pioneering spirit, by their side. To this day, renowned designers and architects design furnitur for Thonet that have the potential to become distinctive classics. The company’s past heritage also represents a promising future for Thonet: the development and production of authentic originals with a clear vision, perfect design, and the highest quality– made in Germany.



Thonet Crafts

200 years of Thonet, 200 years of design icons: For the company’s 200th anniversary, Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau created a special version of the famous Thonet Coffee House Chair 214. This icon will be available exclusively in 2019 in four contemporary two-tone colour versions: in black, white, velvet red and sage. Their special feature: the connecting elements of the chair are stained several shades lighter than the seat ring and legs. The play of colours attracts the eye to the ingenious minimalistic construction and, at the same time, transports its classic silhouette into a contemporary context. The natural look of the stains creates a translucent effect, and the contemporary interpretation of classic colours creates a modern look. 


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Thonet Bauhaus

The Bauhaus turns 100 – and Thonet will also celebrate the occasion with a limited anniversary edition of the famous cantilever chair S 533 F by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The successful Hamburg based design duo Besau Marguerre developed two new versions of the S 533 F with armrests: subtly coordinated, sensual colours and materials bring the iconic tubular steel chair into our present time. The two new versions of the anniversary edition – one with a frame in pearl gloss chrome and anthracite leather, the other in champagne chrome with leather in soft rose – combine the objectivity of the Bauhaus with a warm, haptic look and feel.


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Thonet Today


“I perceive Thonet as a company that harmoniously combines the highest level of craftsmanship with innovation and design. I have many pleasant childhood memories that relate to Thonet because the chairs were everywhere. I often used to sit at mother’s desk on her Thonet bentwood swivel chair. It was perfect for spinning around and holding on to while watching all of your fingers disappear into nearby or further away openings of the wicker cane. A double pleasure! Chair 209 is one of the chairs with the most beautiful lines in my opinion – an incredibly suspenseful and yet harmonious, elegant form, all of which are aspects that I’m also striving to fulfil in my work as a fashion designer.”


Johanna Perret, fashion designer, Berlin



Thonet furniture has been part of the everyday lives of countless people around the world – today as well as in the past. Some appreciate them as classics with a history and patina, others as timeless design icons with a collector’s value, and for the younger generation they are a cultural statement which lends a special character to any environment. Thonet furniture can be found wherever people gather, network, have a rest or pursue mobile work – at home, in waiting zones and lounges, offices or cafés. People have been meeting on Thonet ever since the success story of this furniture brand began in 19th century coffee houses. Thonet furniture is timeless and an enduring value. For many people, it is a familiar cultural asset that is appreciated and bequeathed. Thonet – contemporary since 1819. 


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