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November 2013

On a course of success in Benelux for the past year

Revenue growth through direct market cultivation


One year ago, Thonet GmbH with its headquarters in Frankenberg (Hessen, Germany) decided to strategically realign its sales in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since the independent Dutch sales company Thonet BV had to file for bankruptcy in 2012, the company has been directly cultivating the Benelux states as a manufacturer.


Today, Thonet announces that these steps have led to the fact that the former market share has been recaptured, in some cases even doubled, within a short period of time. In addition, the goal to be closer to the customers and their requirements and wishes has been achieved. "We are happy to be directly cultivating this market again and to be closer to what's happening in the market. The numbers and numerous direct responses prove just how important it is to strengthen the personal relationship between manufacturer and dealer," says Peter Thonet.


Under the direction of René Nieuwendijk (Head of Exports), the Benelux sales team includes Jan Hein Vogel (Country Manager Netherlands), who was already familiar with the company and market due to a longstanding cooperation, Karin van Watermeulen and, since July 2013, Coen Verhoef. Karin van Watermeulen is responsible for the Contract and Living segments in Belgium, and Coen Verhoef is in charge of Living in the Netherlands. The team greatly appreciates the direct market cultivation because "the advantage of fast and thus easier communication with trade partners and architects automatically generates a better understanding of the local market," says René Nieuwendijk.


The total annual revenue generated in 2012 in the Netherlands was achieved by October 2013 this year, and revenues were even doubled in Belgium. The success of the new strategy is also underscored by the fact that the increased focus on the Living market has brought the company four new trade partners and activated more than ten new specialist dealers. Added are prestigious new reference projects such as the restaurants of Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and the congress center of the Old Abbey Drongen near Ghent. The realignment has also enabled the organization of a Bauhaus exhibition in Rotterdam (4 October until 23 December 2013 at Hartman Binnenhuisadviseurs).


Download PDF "Thonet Erfolgskurs in Benelux - DE"

Download PDF "Thonet course of success in Benelux - EN"

Download PDF "Thonet Succesvol jaar Benelux-markt - NL"

Download PDF "Thonet Succès au Benelux - FR"


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