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January 2014

Monique van der Reijden,
trendwatcher/editor-in-chief Dutch Press centre of Interior design

"You have to change to stay the same"; a well-known quote that comes to mind when I look at the design classics range of Thonet presented at the Cologne furniture fair 2014. For example the S43 chair, designed in 1931 by Mart Stam. You wonder why it looks familiar and iconic but at the same time fresh and new. A small but very effective change made it happen; a tomato red coloured tube frame. In my opinion a perfect change because now the chair fits right into the latest trends while remaining a timeless object. Re-inventing yourself is a trending topic and that's exactly what Thonet has done by presenting their design classics with a twist: tube frames in a state-of-the-art colour range. So make sure you discover the 'new look' and create your own personal design classic that will last a lifetime."

Interior fashion trends

Looking at the new interior fashion trends it's all about eclectic styles. Mixing new pieces with vintage objects, combining handmade with high tech, matching classic with contemporary and experimenting with bright or pastel colours in a black-white or natural base. We like to personalise our home. When it comes to furniture I see a clear tendency in favour of design classics (new or vintage). We appreciate the quality and sustainability of the approved form. Whether it's Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Eames, Arne Jacobsen or Michael Thonet...their classic designs blend smoothly into every lifestyle, giving a high standard of style to the home. With the S411 Thonet fits right in! You can choose your own colour and material combination to make it fit with your own interior style. My personal favourite would be the 'monochrome' version with a black coloured tube frame and black fabric or leather upholstery.

Primary workspace

A global trend in interior decoration and design is nomadism. Transportability, lightness, compatibility and adaptability between spaces will become more and more evident in our homes. I see a transit of 'build-in' design (like build in closets and desks) towards the creation of more multi-functional spaces with flexible and 'stand-alone' design. A free standing desk, like the S1200, enables you to create an ergonomic workspace on a primary location in your home; making homework more enjoyable, comfortable and fun. Thanks to its compact dimensions it's easy to move around and fits perfectly into smaller spaces like a bedroom or vide. As we explore ways to improve the balance between work and private time at home, having the right furniture for it, is a good start.
What I personally like so much about Thonet's contemporary collection is that it's two hundred year old principles of design and the use of pure materials in a sustainable way enriches us with a unique identity that will never run out of style.

Be modern!

In our lives as well as in business we strive to move forward in order to stay modern, successful and happy. So does Thonet by re-inventing their 'classics' and presenting new design by talented young designers. So do I, by focusing on everything new in the field of fashion and interior design but never losing sight of all great design from the past. My daily job is to report on the trends and visualize them by creating interiors that reflect the sign-of-the-times. Right now these interiors always include a true design classic. The nostalgic feel that comes with a Thonet fits right into the high tech home décor of the future. Looking at the whole collection I really appreciate the look of the B9 side table with a white (new!) colored tube and a black tabletop. Just beautiful and timeless. Another famous quote pops up into my head. It was Karl Lagerfeld who said "Black-and-white always look modern, whatever that word means!" It sounds like a win-win situation for Thonet.


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